Our Company


NESPO Developers is a New York-based construction company specializing in remodeling apartments to the most luxurious 21st century looks. Working throughout the 5 boroughs and beyond New York, we pride ourselves in delivering large and challenging projects on a timely, budge-friendly basis with unwavering honesty and integrity. We specialize in gut-rehab—complete internal transformation—and façade beautification of neglected battered buildings.

At NESPO Developers, our detailed and methodical approaches to planning translate into "no surprises" for our clients. Our dedicated team has successfully brought many diverse and challenging projects to completion over the past three decades.  We work together with other professionals and our clients to provide high caliber service, professionalism and efficiency to every project.


NESPO Developers operates in a very proficient manner. Senior managers/supervisors and our construction company owner are involved from the onset of each project to assure the availability and allocation of proper resources at each stage of each project. District managers thoroughly review each estimate and contract, and have bottom-line responsibility for their respective district's overall financial performance.


All employees at NESPO Developers are committed to performing in the safest manner possible and are consistent with good construction practices. Safety is a seminal and multi-faceted factor in almost every aspect of NESPO Developers’ work—including productivity, reputation, employee relations, and financial results. Our company goes to great lengths to ensure that safety always comes first.