"[Mr. Ohana's] have been maintained in an above satisfactory manner. His balances are solid and never appear on the overdraft report. Mr. Ohana does not have any outstanding loans or any open credit lines. Mr. Ohana is considered one of [our] preferred clients." - Trudy Perlman, North Fork Bank.

"Mr Ohana is a very valued costumer of our institution; for many years he maintains his business and personal accounts in an accurate manner. Mr. Ohana is well respected and his good credit with the bank is above question. [Nespo Developers] maintains high balance and [prestigious] account history. I assure you that Mr. Ohana is well qualified and he meets [the] banks expectations." - Esther Azizov, The Berkshire Bank.

"[Mr. Ohana has] always made payments reliably, in full and on time. [He's] one of our highly regarded. I can confidently recommend [Mr. Ohana] as a solid and reliable client." - Felix Ezer, Island Plumbing & Heating Supply Corp.

"Our relationship has grown with [Nespo Developers] and we consider them a key customer to whom we look forward to once again doing business with." - Charles Castellano, Kamco Supply Corp.

"Mr. Ohana of [Nespo Developers] has worked here with us at Renaissance Realty for a period of approximately seven years, in which he and his company completed eight projects each averaging close to two million dollars. Each project was created, designed, engineered and developed with extreme and masterful skill. Each project was concluded before the scheduled project time frame and was developed well under the budget allotted, while maintaing the highest level of quality craftsmanship and integrity. Mr. Ohana along with [Nespo Developers] has been a tremendous asset to our company and has my highest recommendation." - Sam Kairy, Renaissance Realty.